Features of DIXXEN H3 Series
DIXEEN H3 is a specific speaker using in tunnel as the purpose for safety broadcasting and emergency broadcasting. DIXXEN-H3 is developed to alternate existing general speaker that can’t transmit clear messages to drivers. With this speaker, drivers can listen clear safety messages at 110km/h.
(Achieved STI-0.46/ STI: Speech Transmission Index)
  • Directivity and wave surface synchronization technology to minimize echoing in tunnel.
  • Frequency usage optimized in speech clarification
  • Comply and optimized in emergency broadcasting speaker regulation (Ministry of Land, Industrial Infrastructure and Transportation in Republic of Korea)
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Tunnel Safety Broadcasting
We provide clear and correct safety broadcasting and messages to express way drivers and tunnel drivers in case of tunnel inside and express way accident.​

System Configuration


MODEL JDS - H3(Tunnel)
Speaker Vol. (dBA) Leq 114
Output 100w
Dimension(mm) / Weight 550(W)x310(H)x1160(D) / 13Kg
Amplifier Out put 130W(1ch)
Out Circuitry Class D
Input Line in
Input power AC220V
Operating condition -20~50℃/0~95%(RH)